The Sharp 5.0 Stroke with 6mm extended throw.

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Black Anodized


Product Description 

- 5.0 stroke with up to 6mm adjustable throw .

- All models of THE SHARP are direct drives with different weighted cams. The heavier the cam plus the longer the cam stroke equals the harder the hit.                                                                  

-This model of THE SHARP is build with the heaviest cam and the longest throw. You can over extend the 5 mm to 6 mm by adjusting your click grip . This will help for stippling and fine line lining. To achieve the bolds lines I always recommend pulling the needles back to 4mm with your click grip so your machine does a full cam cycle allowing 1 mm to enter the skin equaling a full 5 mm rotation, this will counter the give of the cartridge allowing easier penetration to the skin . I always feel you will get the cleanest line this way.  Everyone works different.

-THE SHARP has a very wide voltage range, from 5 to 12.   Recommended voltage range 5 to 10 .

-If you have any other questions feel free to hit me up on my instagram @ hatchback_irons  I am a tattooer of 31 years and am here to help. I am the only tattoo owner operator that you can get in touch with personally .
Hatchback makes it easier!👊

-5.1 inches 5.6 oz.

-built in telescopic click system 

-Black anodize

-battery integrated

-2 rechargeable batteries and charging station.

-10 hour tattooing time each battery -Digital readout VOLTAGE-BATTERY %-TATTOOING TIME

-Removable click grip, auto clave safe.

-No back weight, perfect balance with lower center of gravity.

 -Recommended parameters of voltage 6.2 to 10 This will ensure the longest motor life . 


-No back weight, perfect balance with lower center of gravity.