THE SHARP PEN 4.0mm Stroke 5.5mm Throw 32mm and 38mm Pendulum Grip




- 38mm Pendulum Grip for pendulum style shading; lower weight for lining. The 38mm is ideal for tattooers who prefer a larger grip. Great for long sessions, improves circulation in hand, and reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

- 4.0mm stroke with up to 5.5 mm adjustable throw.
- The best pen made for traditional style tattooing and bold lines. The Sharp has the closest feel to a coil machine. Lining very similar to THE SPIDER LINER but at the same time packing color trauma free. THE SHARP has a very wide voltage range and a light weight cam that allows you to control your hit by the speed or voltage. This allows you to cover all the bases . Black and gray, color packing and lining. The Sharp does it all. Hatchback makes it easier!👊

-5.1 inches 6.1 oz.

-Built in telescopic click system 

-Black anodize

-Battery integrated

-2 Rechargeable batteries and charging station.

-10 hour tattooing time each battery -Digital readout VOLTAGE-BATTERY %-TATTOOING TIME.

-Removable click grip, auto clave safe.

-No back weight, perfect balance with lower center of gravity.

 -Recommended parameters of voltage 6.2 to 10 This will ensure the longest motor life. 

 This is a cartridge machine only





Body Color
Black Anodized

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